Increase Business with a Quote Calculator

Is your Client able to get a conveyancing quote when your office is closed?

If they arn't getting a quote from you, you can guarantee they are getting a quote from another firm which has a quotation calculator on their website.

Let's change that now.

The InTouch quotation calculator can be used in three ways:

On your website

Give your Client accurate quotes out of office hours based on the information they fill in.

Ensure your firms brand is in their inbox instantly by sending the quote via email automatically.

Give your Client the ability to instruct you and fill in their instruction form before you come to work in the morning.


Let the quotation calculator instantly work out tricky SDLT and Land Registry fees.

Throw away the excel spreadsheet and handheld calculator.

Empower all staff to have the ability to give accurate quotes.


Do you work closely with Estate Agents?

Give them the ability to quote on your behalf, getting the whole process rolling quicker.

Here are a few of the quotation calculator benefits:

  • SDLT is automatically worked out for primary and secondary homes
  • Land registry fees are automatically worked out for you
  • An e-mail can be automatically sent to your client, giving them a breakdown of your quote
  • Client details can be automatically saved onto InTouch
  • Making it easy to follow up new leads
  • Reduces clerical errors
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to update
  • Multiple calculators - have different rates for different introducers
  • Use internally to ensure all staff are singing from the same hymn sheet
  • Never miss a quote again - Embed the calculator on your website to ensure clients can get quotes out of office hours
  • Style with your colours and logos
  • Unlimited configuration allowing you to make your calculator stand out from the crowd

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