Conveyancing Document Management Software

It’s time to do away with the paper file

Store all your documents centrally in one place

It’s time to do away with the paper file, and start storing everything electronically, where everybody in your team can easily access it, without getting out of their seat.

Manage conveyancing documents centrally

Share your documents

Easily share your documents with clients, agents, the other-side lawyer, mortgage brokers and whoever else at the click of a button.

Sharing documents via InTouch’s secure portal means that it’s easier and faster to get important documents into the hands of those that need them quicker.

By sharing documents with your contacts on a matter, you cannot send it to the wrong party by mistake. And it’s also easy to revoke access once sent. Which you can’t do by email.

Assign documents for review

Managing your conveyancing documents has never been so easy. You no longer need to write an email and attach a document if you would like another team member to review one of your conveyancing files. Simply click a button and assign that document to be reviewed by another team member.

All emails stored centrally with your documents

Using our two way Outlook and Email Server integrations all your email correspondence, for all your team members, is all stored directly on the matter in a chronological order so that you can soon work out where your matter is up to, and what needs to be done next.

Organise & Search your documents

Quickly group together documents with your own labels, enabling you to lookup and find documents quicker. With powerful search functionality you can soon whittle down to the document you are looking for.

Back ups

Do not worry about hard disk or laptop failures again. All documents stored on InTouch are backed up 5 times, in two different geographical locations, over a hundred miles apart!

This means that each document you upload to InTouch is stored 6 times in total. Making hardware failures a thing of the past!

Access your documents on the go

You can sign into InTouch and access your documents while on the go, even sharing them with clients while in a taxi, from any device.

Fast Document Merging

Has your search provider sent you lots of files, that would be better off merged into one? Simply click a button, and automatically merge your Word and PDF documents into one nice understandable document for your client.

Why you should start letting InTouch handle your conveyancing document management 

With the typical conveyancing case file being an inch thick, the amount of dead trees you need to store soon mounts up.

You’re paying for those documents to be stored. You’re paying your staff to move those documents about. And each time you need something from an old file, for that client who needs to know about their boundaries, for a stressful neighbourly dispute, you'll probably pay a bit more to get it from your secure lock up, or spend valuable time searching for it in the basement.

It doesn’t need to be like this. With InTouch all the documentation can easily scanned, securely stored and backed up on the matter directly. What this means is that the next time you need it, you just search for the client on InTouch, open their matter, and view the files! You can do it while you are on the phone to the client, and immediately let them know who owns the their south facing hedge.

We store all your documents securely, with backups in separate geographical locations ensuring that you can focus on what you need to do.

Dead trees - because that is all paper is.

Let's do away with our cumbersome paper files

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