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InTouch automatically keeps your client up to date...

Samih Malik

"This service was very helpful for a very busy person like myself. As you can access this service 24/7 for updates plus system send you an email for any update. Many thanks to my solicitor Michelle S'shea for introducing this service to me and really making my life easy. As I work full time and also run a small business"

Dave Long

"InTouch kept me updated at every step of the conveyancing process, I found it much quicker and easier than last time I bought a house when I had to waste time chasing my Solicitor by phone or even letter. Brilliant software and I hope if I move house again my next conveyancer uses it too!"

Joe Coombs

"As a techy working in software myself, I really got on well with this product. It really is excellent quality software, quick to load, intuitive and ended up saving my girlfriend and I many hours on the phone to our solicitors. It almost certainly sped up our conveyancing process, and gave us transparency in the next steps, so I could badger our solicitors more effectively! Will definitely use again."

Gerard Thomas

"Really impressed with the InTouch Conveyancing platform during my house sale. It kept me informed and reminded me of my responsibilities every step of the way"

Monika Syrek

"Amazing software, keep you fully updated and informed throughout the whole process. Really please with it. Would highly recommend it! Thank you Monika"

Dan Abraham

"A very useful way to keep up-to-date with the progress on our hourse purchase without emailing or ringing up"

Peter Edson

"The In Touch Conveyancing software is a must when selling and buying property. Every step is made aware and it takes a lot of stress from not having to chase up solicitors etc. We are also very fortunate to have what must be one of the best solicitors when conveyancing. Very pleased"

Kathy McArdle

"...really helped me to feel that the process was moving on. It updated me by email every time a new development took place and it also showed me what that change was and where it sat in the sequence..."

Samih Malik

“This was very helpful for a busy person like myself. As work full time and also run the business. Thank you this really make my life easy”


“Great way to keep up-to-date with the progress without emailing or ringing up the conveyancer every other day! Highly recommend this!”

Paul Cripwell

“Great app, kept me informed, very useful.”

Julia Knight

“Very comforting to be able to see what’s happening without contacting the solicitor all the time. Although my solicitors kept me informed anyway, but still nice to see that circle progressing from 0 to 100% complete!”

Weiran Zhang

“A great app for those buying houses. Having the search documents hosted on the app instead of sending via email is a huge plus, and it gives you a great visual aid of where you are in the process. I would recommend using a conveyancers that use this software”

Thomas Simmons

“We recently used InTouch with our conveyancers when purchasing a property. The software was really useful for keeping up to date with the process without the need to be constantly phoning the conveyancers. Would recommend”

Jennifer Connolly

“We found the InTouch Conveyancing Software to be very useful as we went through the process of selling our house. It helped to explain each step of the journey at the times we might have needed reminding - selling your home can be a little stressful, but this software was a great help!”

Kate Godfrey

“I sold my first home through a large practice in Derby and spent three months having to call and chase up. I ended up switching for purchase and was really pleased I did. I found the InTouch notifications very helpful, and made a point of telling my solicitor how much it improved the experience. Would recommend looking for a solicitor offering this service when comparing bids.”

David Capper

“Very useful, made the whole process much easier to keep track of”

Nick Parkhouse

“A useful tool to keep track of your property transaction. Kept me updated each step of the way”

David Laws

“Clear steps, with email notifications on each. Able to access it from my phone as well as the computer”

James Biggs

“I had a very quick and easy time whilst buying my house using this software. Would recommend to all!”

Ricky Hensman

"I found the software updates very useful and easy to use"

Ashley Bickerstaff

“I was a big fan of the software. The lengthy explanation on each step about what was involved and what it meant was particularly useful as a first time buyer. We were on a tight schedule for buying and we managed to complete the whole transaction in five weeks so that ability to be able to log in at any point and understand where we were was helpful.

H James Gresham

“First time using InTouch, was a great tool to keep the process running smoothly and meant that I could check the solicitors progress at any time, day or night!”

Vinny Parker

“The app and the email contact was regular and gave sufficient updates on the progress on my purchase”

Alan Haymes

“Great service and well named, keeps you informed of the progress made, tells you whats done and what need to be done”

Sarah Coulston

“First time buyer with my partner, and my solicitors used in touch to keep us updated on every section of the way was very helpful and fast. Defo worth using as saved ringing and chasing for updates thanks”

Richard Snellgrove

“First time buyer didn’t realise this software existed and it made my purchase so smooth and kept me up to date with emails and in the app excellent experience and all solicitors , conveyancers should use it . Actually got me all excited everytime I got an update some thing to look forward to with every update knowing I was 1 tick closer to being a homeowner. So a big thank you to InTouch for making my life easy and upto date.”

B French

“Great service, quick and easy it was the perfect way to keep track of everything for our first house. Brilliant service.”

Raj Beri

“I had never come across this software before my most recent property transaction. Being a property investor, I would normally be chasing the solicitor for updates with emails going back and forth, lost emails and often i was none the clearer. InTouch allowed me to quickly see what had been done and what was still outstanding. This allowed me to provide the solicitor any additional information and kept the process moving smoothly”

JP Kelly

“Really efficient and effective updates on the purchase of our new house. All very clear!”

James Sills

“What an excellent service! I used this for the recent sale of my house and it was an easy way of contact between my solicitors and myself and a great way of being kept updated. Every time an update was applied by my solicitor I received an email informing me which I could then access and read what was happening. Well recommended!”

Jeff Brooks

“In Touch was fantastic. What more can I say. My Solicitor was able to keep me and my Wife completely up to date minute by minute. Awesome bit of kit”

Hifz Shaikh

“Recently completed a transfer of equity transaction. Top software keeps you informed and up to date with all details of transaction anytime. Helpful if your busy and don’t want to chase solicitor for updates.”

Shameen Azeez

“My conveyancers used this when I moved house recently, All the details and documents I needed were available online and I received updates by email, no more ringing people up to see whats happening.”

Tommy Mortberg

“I recently bought a new house and was really impressed with the communication I got from my conveyancer. This was because of InTouch, which enabled me to keep up to date with every new development, as we were travelling in NZ at the time this software allowed us to be kept up to date enabling us to relax and enjoy our holiday. I would thoroughly recommend if your buying a new house to check your conveyancer uses InTouch.”

Alan Haymes

“Great service and well named, keeps you informed of the progress made tells you whats done and what needs to be done”

Dan WIithers

I have not been the end-user of any conveyancing software before, so I can not compare the InTouch dashboard/portal to any other system. However, it was an intuitive and helpful interface for tracking the progress of our house purchase. The email alerts and file upload were particularly useful. many more. You can find out why now

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