CLC and SRA Transparency Guidelines

Transparency Guidelines

It’s not just about price, its about showing the consumer what your firm can do for them.

Consumers are confused and don’t know which firm to choose, the Competitions and Marketing Authority want to make it easier for the consumer.

The main thing a consumer wants to know is how much it is going to cost them and why.

What’s the problem with just having prices on your website?

You cannot just rely on giving a price and the consumer understanding what you do.

A price is just a number, until you explain to the consumer what is included in that price. Most consumers will choose the cheapest price, if you don’t educate them in what services you provide for that price.

They need to know;

  • What you specialise in,
  • How many matters you do,
  • What kind of service you provide,
  • How efficient you are,
  • Most importantly can you get the job done?
  • And why they should choose you over every other firm

This is where the InTouch quotation calculator can help. The InTouch quotation calculator is completely configurable, allowing you to customise it to stand out from your competitor, whilst educating the consumer on disbursements and why they are being charged them.

You can also white label the quotation calculator, so it fits with the theme of your website. It will load within the web page and will not take your consumer away from your website.

Let your firms key values stand out by having complete control over the wording, fees and layout of the quotation calculator.

Is it enough to just add a quote calculator to your website?

It’s a start, but remember you do this job every day and each task you do can be taken for granted by the consumer if they don’t know what you are doing.

Why not teach the consumer the importance of your role by actively updating them and being transparent.

What else can InTouch do to help?

InTouch provides each consumer with a portal, allowing them to track their properties progress 24/7.

A link to their portal can be added to your website, providing your consumer with an extra valued service.

Each task within the portal is clearly explained to the consumer, including realistic time frames of when they can expect to hear back from you and how long each tasks should take.

I never understood the importance of a conveyancer until I bought a house and worked with conveyancers on InTouch.

Your job is important, lets show the consumer how important you are.

Get in touch if you are interested in being transparent, providing the best service to the consumer and standing out from your competition –